Respect and Cooperation in a Time of Uncertainty Estonian Life
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Breathless26 Feb 2017 16:58
For years Kolga has bad mouthed Peter van Loan. Now he has changed his strips? I don't think so.
Reality...26 Feb 2017 21:44
He's been publicly critical of Liberals and Conservatives when they've failed on foreign policy issues important to the community over the years.
Soosaar26 Feb 2017 17:17
Canada has not met the 2% guideline for defence spending for some time. It needs to double its spending to have credibility with the US which really is Nato. Does EKN support asking our MP's to double Canada's defence budget? If not, why not?
Also, I am old enough to remember the 1960's. More than three thousand of us crowded into Massey Hall and the roof at eesti maja did not leak. How did we fall apart back then compared to now?
Harry27 Feb 2017 11:01
It's been a very long time since our community has had such high level, national and I dare say international, representation and visibility. Keep up the good work EKN!
questions27 Feb 2017 11:53
Was the refugee crisis in Europe caused because Russia destabilized Syria?
ISIS was not a factor in the refugee cris?
What channel # is RT available on Rogers basic cable?
Researcher27 Feb 2017 13:36
As usual, Mr Kolga is "tweaking" the facts to suit his own agenda. RT is not available through Rogers basic package. It is available through Roger's Premier package, through a theme pack in combination with BBC, Al Jazeera, etc or you can can purchase it separately for $4/mth, channel 177 or 877

Also, as the previous commentator pointed out, the refugee crisis was well underway before Russian involvement. Mr. Kolga is as guilty as anyone for spreading fake news, propaganda, disinformation, etc.
Fact check27 Feb 2017 15:02
As a Rogers subscriber I can confirm that RT is available on basic cable. The previous post is just a crude attempt to discredit based on fabrications.
researcher27 Feb 2017 15:49
As a current Rogers subscriber, definitely not part of the basic package in Ottawa. Also doesn't appear to be part of the basic package in Toronto
good value27 Feb 2017 18:20
rt on rogers is $4 + hst
good value as you get the the american and world news that cnn or msnbc do not want to cover, as rt news items often go against the 'progressive' (??) message the political left and their financial handlers want
StikkiNixx27 Feb 2017 15:39
...strips?? ...Are there pasties involved, here??! :O :O :-D
Grain of salt27 Feb 2017 15:54
The trolls on this site have also claimed Edward Lucas is part of a vast Zionist conspiracy, so- everything on this site should be viewed through that prism
researcher27 Feb 2017 16:26
No surprise that Twitter, FB, Youtube, Toronto Star, National Post, and the Internet in general are full of trolls and weirdos. It doesn’t change Mr. Kolga’s alternative fact that Russian propaganda is force fed to Canadians and unless the government does something about it, we are all turning into commies. Laughable!

Also, Mr. Kolga seems to be claiming that NDP MP Fin Donnelly is Kremlin agent. Perhaps, but more likely just NDP's opportunistic move during election.
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Troll much?27 Feb 2017 17:34
Bell still has RT on basic digital "good"and Rogers legacy Basic has RT but not on the new skinny (introduced just a month or two ago) but on the next level up which is like the previous basic cable.
Don't recall reading anyone accusing any MP of being a "commie" or whatever distortion you offer. Here's a fact about Donnelly's though:
researcher27 Feb 2017 18:41
In his TS article, Mr. Kolga talks about Russian propaganda and its influence to Canadians. As an example, he offers NDP MP Fin Donnelly's case of spreading fake news during last federal election. One can be excused for drawing the conclusion that Mr. Kolga is accusing Fin Donnely of doing Kremlin's bidding.

As for the cable packages, you are getting closer to the truth. The RT is offered as part of the Premier package (highest of the three) or as a part of the theme pack or as a separate add on.
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researcher17 Mar 2017 13:21
further proof about fake news generated by Mr. Kolga.
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