EstDocs Short Film Competition launches this year’s festival
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Anonymous19 Oct 2016 23:02

Please explain WHICH dictionary description would you be using?
Jaak Järve20 Oct 2016 22:43
Great article Karin, you really captured the excitement and electricity in the air for the ESTDOCS Short film screening evening. Can't wait for the ESTDOCS Festival to begin on November 4th. There is something for everyone.... great documentaries to see, old friends to meet, new friends to discover and kringel too! This is the feistiest Estonian event of the year....don't miss it! Dear "anonymous", try and make it for just one night and discover for yourself which feisty definition best applies to this annual film festival.
Anonymous21 Oct 2016 00:00
Hr. Järve,
I was, it wasn't
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Jaak Järve21 Oct 2016 06:13
Well we now know which feisty definition
you fall under.
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Anonymous21 Oct 2016 15:15
Hr. Järve,

if you are trying to say something, please come out and say it.
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