Sept. 30 in Toronto Estonian House VIDEO
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Please stop.01 Oct 2015 15:49
Sadly, Raivo's interview doesn't instill confidence in this process but does present another example of the EM board's condescending attitude towards the community.
Good that Meiusi captured this for posterity.
to Please Stop!02 Oct 2015 13:33
We should all thank Raivo Remmel for his long-term service to our community.

At the same time, we should question Allan Meiusi. He came out of nowhere during the protracted campaign of harassment and sabotage against Ehatare.

When Meiusi was asked if he was the source of the many anonymous and invariably baseless complaints to the Ministry of Health, he refused to either confirm or deny.

Where is our investigative reporter when we need one.
Aktsionaar01 Oct 2015 20:29
Hästi tehtud Raivo!
Jõudu tööle, EM juhatus!01 Oct 2015 21:02
Tänan Raivole ja ülejäänud Eesti Maja juhatusele tehtud töö eest. Olguküll, et vahepeal tundus paljud aspektid kahtlased, praegune juhtkond ja valitud kaastöölised tekitavad uuesti usku EM2 tulevikku. On ühiskonna hingele hea!
Allan Meiusi02 Oct 2015 20:15
I'm always open to doing a one-on-one interview with the author of the comments describing me as a "questionable character" wanting to destroy, harass and sabotage. If you are willing to do a one-on-one interview in public, I'm sure we could set-up the camera and make some time and space available here on EWR.
a great idea, Allan Meiusi!03 Oct 2015 09:18
Are willing to proceed in good faith?
Are you now willing to, either confirm or deny, that you were the source of a series of baseless complaints to the Ministry of Health?
will you be candid, Allan?03 Oct 2015 12:23
In this exchange, Meiusi hits "the hot button".The Ehatare Affair" still excites hard feelings and, more so, because the community isn't privy to the details.
The dismissed employee's personnel file is, appropriately, private and; after she launched her lawsuit, the parties involved, appropriately, refrained from public comment and the eventual settlement included a confidentiality clause.
Initially, Ehatare's residents and their family members leaned in favour of the dismissed employee, although support waned after a suitable replacement was hired.
Friends of the employee unconnected to Ehatare remained loyal and militantly so. Initially, they organized a campaign to re-hire the employee. When that failed, they went for revenge with no ethical restraint. It was an ugly thing to witness and many of us initial supporters were disgusted.
For two years, Ehatare's management cowered in silent fear as a gang harassed and slandered. Eesti Elu chose sides the matter, to its everlasting shame.
Allan Meiusi was an energetic member of this gang. Now, he's willing to chat about it publicly. Long overdue, I'd say! Participation should include someone from Ehatare since they would have a complete record of the shameful chain of events.
It would be a waste of time, if Allan refused to be candid, however, and for that reason, we should ask, again, "Were you the source of the baseless complaints against Ehatare to the Ministry of Health?"
Allan Meiusi03 Oct 2015 18:15
If you would like to do the one-on-one, please arrange with the Editor of this publication and we can arrange for a date and time to set-up the on-camera interview. We can ask each other the questions that we would like to ask each other and I will inturn validate the questioning with documentation.
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more bafflegab from Meiusi04 Oct 2015 07:20
"I will inturn validate the questioning with documentation"...?!?!
We'd rather hear some clear and honest responses.
interview please!04 Oct 2015 14:40
Meiusi has already offered to do the interview. I pledge $50 to Ehatare if you man up and take his offer. Do it for the Ehatare!

Sadly, I'll bet another $50, that you you'll be too much of a chicken to reveal yourself.
Let's have a straight answer!04 Oct 2015 13:06
After "the Rosie affair" exploded, the Ministry of Health was inundated with vacuous complaints about Ehatare.
These dragged on for a year!
Suspicion fell upon Allan Meiusi and, when he was asked about it, he refused to either confirm or deny.
Now he's willing to sit down and discuss this matter, but; he's still unwilling to confirm or deny.
He's known for his long-winded incomprehensible rhetoric as slick as snot on a rooster's lip.
There's no point in trying to talk to him. He prides himself on his double-talk.
.04 Oct 2015 18:39
Suddenly, Meiusi isn't very mouthy.
Shame on him!
Habi!04 Oct 2015 19:33
Eestlase lemmik toit on teine eestlane!
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Allan Meiusi04 Oct 2015 19:46
Since you seem relunctant to accept my offer of a one-on-one discussion on camera, it looks like we won't bridge the ocean of difference between us. If my goodfellow commentator ever wants to take me up on this offer in the future, please contact the Editor of EWR to set up a time and date. You can ask me what you want on camera and I'll answer. Just so you don't think my questions to you are "baseless", I'll bring documents to validate why I'm asking the questions I'll be asking and I trust you'll answer them fully as an authority on the subject matter. Then, at the end of the interview, the community can come to its own conculsions.
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Meiusi is evasive05 Oct 2015 07:00
The opening salvo of the war on Ehatare was a series of anonymous complaints telephoned to the Ministry of Health. These continued for a year.
Work at Ehatare came to a dead halt as Inspectors arrived to assess the situation. All of the complaints proved to be baseless, but; all of them seriously disrupted the routine care of residents.
Suspicion fell upon Allan Meiusi. When asked about it, repeatedly, he refuses to confirm or deny.
His offer to bring documentation to a face to face meeting is a risible red herring -- there is no paper trail to disprove the source of anonymous telephone complaints.
Why bring this matter up, now, long after the fact? Because Raivo Remmel has become the target of similar anonymous sniping from the sidelines, probably, by people with no financial stake in Eesti Maja; and it wouldn't surprise me if Allan Meiusi was one of them.
Allan Meiusi is a tough customer. He put his butt on a hard chair and poured over Ehatare's past tax returns until he found an error, then; proclaimed tax fraud. The question surfaced at a public meeting. It proved to be a clerical error, corrected after the fact, with no further consequence of any sort; neither financial nor legal.
That clarification satisfied Meiusi, but; not the harridan who continued to circulate slander for a year. When confronted, in public, she refused to repeat it. In private, her slander began with the preamble, "Don't tell anyone that I said so, but...."
The assault on Ehatare was a team effort, mostly by friends of the dismissed employee with no parent in residence.
Similarly, the current assault on Raivo Remmel is waged by people who can't reveal their identity because they're unwilling to make a financial investment into the project. That said, they still wish to manage the project.
Let it go!05 Oct 2015 14:53
The Ehatare affair has been resolved to everyone's dissatisfaction and there's no profit in a videotaped confrontation between Meiusi and his accusers. He will continue to dissemble, as he has to date.
Now it's time to protect Raivo Remmel and the Eesti Maja project. To that end, the Estonian World Review should stop printing unsigned editorials.
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