Estonian Central Council elections
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Estore -- going on line!!!23 Mar 2007 12:16
Best news that I've heard in a while. Please keep us up-dated. .......Thanks
Anonymous23 Mar 2007 13:36
I'll believe it when I see it. (Although, I'd LOVE to see it)
The EKN website isn't even kept up to date.
Maxim.23 Mar 2007 15:34
Fine by me, but I think we should do all we can to keep right-wing banality out of the Council. At present there is a fairly balanced attitude regarding Estonian present development, and we need to supprt Estonia, not forge our own outdated ideas onto the government of the day. Best wishes to all the new office holders!
Anonymous23 Mar 2007 15:59
So it's fine by Maxim, so long as we keep the friskies out of it (whatever that means).

Of course, it would never occur to a foolish megalomaniac, like Maxim, that we're not exactly sitting here waiting for his approval.
Maximova23 Mar 2007 17:34
"keep the friskies out of it"

Perhaps he's referring to the pet food recall...
Maxim.24 Mar 2007 02:38
No, I'm not waiting for your approval, but I won't hasten to add that I fully endorse the opinion you has posted above! It is one of the most thoughtful and forward-looking motions I have encountered for a long time here. At times I wonder why on earth you are not more actively involved with the community, because it seems you have very good ideas. Anyway, there's no point wishing you better luck...because you've pretty much got what it takes!!
to Maxim24 Mar 2007 11:00
About twenty years ago, you left our community for Estonia and, today, you go to great lengths to snipe at us with taunts and jeers. And I doubt that even you know why.
In response to the comment that we're not sitting here waiting for you to approve of our activities, you say, "No, I'm not waiting for your approval."
Among your other troubles, Maxim, it seems that you're dyslexic.
Maxim.24 Mar 2007 14:50
Listen here, if you don't like what Anonymous wrote, you should direct your comment to her. I have written a most positive response, and in spite of it every attempt is made to jeer me. I think you're spitting in the wrong person's face! Kindly take your complaint elsewhere thank you!!

I'll repeat again-I think Anonymous has put together a very good post, and I can't understand what your gripe about it is. If I'm not permitted to make a positive response, then that just goes to show that you're the one with the problem, not me.
Peter25 Mar 2007 07:59
I also agree with Anonymous. The EKN should focus on keeping the Estonian language and culture alive in Canada and put less emphasis on current Estonian politics.
Anonymous23 Mar 2007 15:39
I wonder. Would it be feasible for E-store to stock some Estonian films on DVD that could made available on a rental basis?

Whether we recognize it or not, the EKN's mission underwent a seismic shift upon re-independence in 1991. Since then we should have been nurturing, to a greater degree, our identity as Estonians with efforts to enhance our ability with the language and our familiarity with contemporary Estonian culture.

Films, music, books and the like, are stepping stones to that end. I do my bit by listening to to Eesti Raadio over the internet, surfing Estonian web-sites and visiting Estonia as often as possible. It's a honey-coated way of maintaining my personal identity.
Silvi25 Mar 2007 15:54
Kui teil on lapsed TES koolides, siis te võite laenata kooli raamatukogust kaasaegseid eesti DVDsi, nagu Malev, Ruudi, jm, kui ka ajaloolisi, nagu Kevade, Viimne Reliikvia, jm.
Kooli raamatukogus on ka igasuguseid huvitavaid UUSI raamatuid laenata.
Laughing at you . . . again .25 Mar 2007 17:15
Yes you're doing Estonia, the Canadian-Estonian community and all readers are HUGE service by listening to Estonian radio and visiting the county for Jaaniohtu and a saun. Thank-you. I don't know what we'd do without such altruism.

Your "seismic shift 1991" comment was quite clever! Since the entire Esotnian community were sleeping for the past decade, we cannot thank you enough for pointing out this otherwise grossly obvious point.
Toomas Merilo25 Mar 2007 17:57
It is obvious from your embittered tone that you have an issue with Estonians born outside of Eesti.

I would suggest you seek out friends among the 20+ yr crowd here in Toronto (and elsewhere) that visits Estonia regularly. You might be pleasantly surprized.
Maxim's in a bad mood again25 Mar 2007 20:14
What obligation does an Estonian in Canada have to his local community and his ancestral homeland? How are you fulfilling it?
Maxim.26 Mar 2007 06:57
No use talking about rights, because too many Estonians in Canada have forfeited their interest in matters Estonian to people who take the same responsibility at its face value. The ECC hopes to act as a buffer between those who wish to forfeit their interest entirely, and those who genuinely care about Estonian matters. That is why I think that the ECC has to make some difficult judgements about its future, but I believe it will continue to be a successful forum for those with an interest in Estonian matters.
M26 Mar 2007 07:34
Yes, in a perfect world.
Kittask is but one man doing a solid job of providing a vital service to the community through that wonderful store.
As for providing a forum and community outreach, that's a whole different story. The organization, other than a few infrequent - albeit informative - articles in this newspaper, written by Kittask, is completely inactive in all other regards. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with a lack of commitment on the part of the executive or not, but whatever direction or message they have, or in this case lack, it is simply not getting accross to the community nor is it being heard among those outside it.

As a casual, though interested, observer, I'd have to say that the organization seems to have little direction or aim at this point, and has become impotent in raising Canadian-Estonian concerns to leaders at in all levels of government. Again, Kittask can only do so much, and without a competent and committed executive, the organization will continue to stagnate.
to Maxim26 Mar 2007 13:53
Your response doesn't answer the question.
juba aitab24 Mar 2007 15:18
agreed..I have noticed that many of Maxim's comments are just that..a comment, not cause or worthy of any further discussion.
Lets keep things on topic. Who's running in these elections anyway?
Anonymous25 Mar 2007 10:35
I just re-read the article above these comments slowly and thoughtfully. What struck me is the exaggerated sense of the Council's importance.
Among "the troops", there seems to be a big interest in the Estore while "the officers" want to posture like an extension of Estonia's parliament and diplomatic corps. They sound pompous and ridiculous.
Ordinarily, I'd be hesitant to criticize; but, on the eve of new elections, I'd say that it's time to pause, reflect and reassess. Something is wrong when only 10% of Estonians in Canada vote in these elections and every candidate wins.
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