5 Recipes: What Does Christmas Taste and Smell Like?
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By Estonian World in Estonian cooking · December 24, 2012
Blood Sausage

By Sille Vadi/

Sille Vadi is a valued food blogger and an award-winning cake master who works at the Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts at the University of Tartu. If you speak Estonian, check out her popular food blog.
It seems to be quite a simple question, at least for Estonians. Almost everyone would reply at once: sauerkraut, roast pork, and blood sausage. And maybe not so much the taste, but rather the smell of gingerbread and clementines. Then I started to think whether the taste scale is still wider than that. That’s why I decided to carry out a kind of sociological inquiry and asked my friends, colleagues and acquaintances: What does Christmas taste and smell like to you?

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