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Yvonne Vaar honoured
Eestlased Kanadas 11 Dec 2009 Adu RaudkiviEesti Elu
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Yvonne Vaar is Latvian, but being the wife of Estonian Edgar Väär (CBC cameraman for fifty years) her accomplishments give us some bragging rights, as she was honoured by the World Federation of Free Latvians at their recent Latvian Independence Day Celebrations at the Latvian Cultural Centre in Toronto.

Yvonne Vaar, already a noted painter of the minimalist school, switched to photography in 1981 and her work has been exhibited in over one hundred galleries and museums in fifteen countries. Among her exhibitions was a 1989 display at the Kiek in de Kök in Tallinn, and at the Saaremaa Museum in Kuresaare Castle.

Yvonne Vaar has also been a jury member for many years of the Toronto Estonian Photography Exhibition.

Over 120 fine art photography magazines, books and newspapers have published her Yvonne Vaar's works.

Yvonne Vaar's works are part of private and public collections, such as at the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France; Winnipeg Art Gallery; Chateau d'Eau in Toulouse, France; the Union Bank of Finland, the Gersheim Collection, Switzerland among others.

Yvonne Vaar studied at the Universita Italiana per Stranieri and The Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, Italy. The university town of Perugia honored her with an exhibition at the Palazzo dei Priori along with the universities.

Yvonne and Edgar Vaar seem a perfect pair, both devoted to taking pictures, one is just a little faster than the other.
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