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Xenophobe's® guide to the Estonians
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Xeonophobe's® guide to the Estonians is side-splitting, each page a gaggle of giggles that often sent me into bouts of convulsive laughter. Not only is it irreverently funny it is educational and extremely well written. The guide is authored by Hilary Bird, Ulvi Mustmaa and Lembit Öpik offering the perspective of an immigrant, a native and an Estonian born abroad.
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It is the manual to hand out to anyone who doesn't quite get us. It explains our frosty exteriors, why we split napkins in half, and don't indulge in praise and compliments. We've been outed... and its been done in such a way that we can't get mad for laughing. This is the book that will untangle who we are and why we are the way we are, it will explain much to our children and grandchildren. And did I say it's very funny? One copy is not enough it's as simple as that.....and let's note Christmas is around the corner!

Xenophobe's guide to the Estonians is available in Canada for $8.95 plus shipping through at:

It is also available through Independant Publishers Group located in Chicago at:

And the book is available in the U.K. directly through:

The international standard book number for an English copy is ISBN: 978-1-1906042-30-1 and may be ordered through your local book store. In Estonia “Sellised nad on...Eestlased”, ISBN: 978994944885 is selling like hot cakes and available at:

Not only is Xenophobe's Guide reasonably priced, it's wonderfully brilliant, a fast read with a romp of belly laughs. Trust me you'll want 2 or 3 copies for give-aways.
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