Working groups formed to develop future major capabilities of Estonia’s Defence Forces
Eestlased Eestis 04 Aug 2010  EWR
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Estonian Ministry of Defence, 04.08
The Minister of Defence has formed capability development working groups in order to develop concepts for the major capabilities of the Estonian Long Term Defence Development Plan 2009-2018.

The development working groups were formed for the five most important fields of the Estonian Long Term Defence Development Plan 2009-2018 – Command & Control, ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance), Transport Helicopters, Air Defence, and Armoured Manoeuvre Capability.

The working groups must prepare comprehensive concepts and proposals for the corresponding capability, when and what equipment it would be expedient to acquire for the corresponding capability, how to organise training of necessary specialists and what kind of support infrastructure must be constructed for the new capabilities.

The development working groups comprise of Defence Forces officers from corresponding areas of specialisation and specialists from the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Planning, Procurement and Infrastructure Department.

Based on the above, the Ministry of Defence notes that over the last few months the opinions expressed by some press outlets, as if the acquisition of specific armoured manoeuvre capability platforms for Estonia has already been decided, are untrue. As of today no discussions have taken place regarding the procurement of specific tanks or infantry fighting vehicles. The corresponding decisions will be made after the development of a relevant concept, charting of the specific needs and opportunities of the Defence Forces and consultations with our allies.

Also, the Defence Action Plan 2011-2014, adopted in June, does not foresee over the next four years funds for the initiation of the procurement of armoured manoeuvre capability nor transport helicopters and mid-range air defence systems. However, there are plans over the next four years to carry out large scale procurements in order to develop Defence Forces Command & Control and ISTAR capabilities.

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