Winds of Change Can't Blow Stalin Away
Arvamus 24 May 2010  EWR
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The anti-Stalin stance is the result of a new pro-West policy, analysts say.
Alexandra Odynova via BAFL

Russia's leaders have finally rejected the Stalinist legacy in an outspoken and unanimous way. But the sharp ideological turn may just be an attempt to appease the West and may bear little influence on domestic policy, analysts said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin , previously wary of criticizing Josef Stalin, denounced the Soviet dictator's regime during a visit last month to Katyn, the site of a Stalin-ordered massacre.

The Victory Day parade on May 9 commemorated the achievements of the Soviet army, but Stalin, its commander-in-chief, was denounced by the Kremlin.

The cult of Stalin, who remains a controversial figure in Russia, will not be reinstated in the country, President Dmitry Medvedev said in a recent interview with Izvestia.

“There's no way we can say that Stalinism will return to our everyday life. … That’s absolutely impossible. This is the current state ideology and my position as the president,” Medvedev said.

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