Who Exactly Voted for the Resolution to Sell Estonian House? (10)
Toronto Eesti Maja tulevik 06 Feb 2018 EWR OnlineEWR
Who Exactly Voted for the Resolution to Sell Estonian House?

On April 25, 2017, the Estonian House (EH) Board called a special meeting of the shareholders to pass a resolution to sell the Estonian House and move forward with the Madison Project. Passing of this Resolution allowed the EH Board to enter into a due diligence process with ETCU, the Estonian Foundation of Canada and Tartu College and gave the EH Board discretionary power to make decisions regarding the sale of Estonian House.
Who are the block shares that decided to sell Estonian House?
It’s time to speak out and ask how the blocks voted and if they consulted their members, not only their leadership.
Voting Blocks:
Estonian Credit Union 714 shares
Estonian Foundation of Canada 129 shares
Skautide Malev 192 shares
Kungla 140 shares
Meeskoor 115 shares
Gaidide Malev 77 shares
EKN 40 shares

(correct share numbers if inaccurate)

Is the Madison Project the will of community members who are shareholders or the voice of block shares?

Concerned Shareholders