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What's in a Name? – (Nimi ei riku meest. Soeng ei riku naist.)
Eestlased USAs 07 May 2012  Vaba Eesti Sõna
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It was no doubt in light of recent media flurry on the subject of a gender-neutral kindergarten in Stockholm that seeing this sign caught my attention and really stumped me.

BBC News among others reported on the new pre-school Egalia (the Swedish word for equality) last summer, but it was on April 14 that the Estonian daily Postimees broached the subject locally under the headline "Poiss või tüdruk? (Boy or girl?) Ei, hoopis sootu. (No, genderless in fact). Sugude keelamine Rootsi moodi (Prohibiting genders the Swedish way)".

The subject garnered a lot of attention, created much discussion and was also posted amongst's hot topics.


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