What I Saw as an Election Observer
Arvamus 07 Mar 2012  EWR
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Yulia Latynina, The Moscow Times, 06 March 2012
Like 28,000 other people, I volunteered as an observer Sunday during the presidential election. In fact, I served as an observer twice that day. In the morning, I registered as an observer at one polling station, drove off at midday with a mobile group of observers to catch electoral violations elsewhere, and then I returned to the original location by 8 p.m. to keep watch over the counting of ballots until 5 a.m.

Two things about this experience left the most vivid impression on me.

At the first polling station that I observed — No. 79 at 10 Stolovy Pereulok in central Moscow — voting was 100 percent honest. Not one single violation was noted. Who was the winner at this station? Mikhail Prokhorov with 561 votes, while Putin received 525.

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