What does God require of us?
Eestlased Kanadas 14 Jan 2013  EWR
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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 20th at 3pm
St Andrew's Lutheran Church, 383 Jarvis St, Toronto
(nearest subway: College)
What does God require of us?

This year’s biblical and liturgical resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity come to us from India and particularly from the Christian Dalit community of India, a community that has a deep past and present of being excluded and outcast within their own country and often within their own faith. Christianity has a long and complex history in India, dating back as far as 182 A. D. of our common era and including a major influx of missionary activity in the 16th and 19th centuries. Given this history and given the experience of Dalit Christians as outcasts, this 2013 material greatly expands the frame of ecumenism.

Walk in prayer this 2013, either in January or at any other time of the year, listen with the beat of the drum for what the Spirit is saying to us, the Church of Christ, continually ask yourself and your community the question, “What does God require of us?”

Dr Karen Hamilton, General Secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches
Make this a service to remember by joining with other downtown Christian communities to mark this day.

Preacher: Dr Gary Nelson, President, Tyndale University College and Seminary
Leading worship: representatives of the Toronto Christian communities,
the choirs of St James’ and St Michael’s cathedrals and our own joint Lutheran choir!
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