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Consider purchasing this book for your English-speaking friends as a Christmas present, or just to educate them about the cruelty of the Soviet regime and how pastor Harri Haamer’s belief got him through the ordeal. The book, translated by Tiina Ets into English, was promoted first on our pages in our September 5th issue.
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Here is what the back cover has to say:

“As you read these snapshots of Pastor Haamer's cruel exile, you will feel you are right there beside him. His writing style has such vividness and immediacy that you will experience his despair in the KGB dungeon, his homesickness on the prisoner transports and the bleakness he felt in the prison camps on the edge of the tundra. He takes you into a world you may not have known existed, but one which now you will not forget."

It is available in Toronto at the estore and also from the publishers, East European Missions Network, website; go to "international partners."
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