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Estonians have long expressed the opinion that our Baltic identity also includes the Nordic one. Not only do we have a linguistic kinship with northern neighbours the Finns, but we love and laud winter on a level with all of those who claim Scandinavian heritage. To prove the point, Estonia has more recent cross-country ski gold medalists at the last few winter Olympics than the Finns. Norwegians, of course, due to their mountainous country, are kings on the alpine slopes. No wonder, our Munamägi does not offer Kitzbühel-like challenges.

We Nordics, northern Balts, share an enjoyment for the best that winter offers – skiing or skating followed by a hot saun, and, of course, a few frosty barley-based beverages to round out a perfect day. Did you know, that while the first activities are outdoor ones, the second requires dermal preparation, especially for the hirsute. Only then can one take delight in activity number three.

To prove the point: a member of a popular Canadian outdoor activity co-op receives frequent e-mail updates regarding sales and equipment clinics. Following is the meat of one such heads-up message.

This clinic could be run in the summer as well, and copywriters would not havr to change much in the text. Consider in your mind exchanging the word Brazilian for the geographical location, and adding one tiny letter – call it the “n” factor – to the word describing the gear addressed, right after the first three letters…

Nordic waxing clinic

Come join us for an in-store session that focuses on the basics of Nordic ski waxing.


• Base cleaning and how to prepare your skis for wax application.

• How to choose the appropriate wax for different weather conditions.

• Tips and techniques for your final wax application.

Please register for this clinic below*. When you arrive please visit the Member Service Desk for directions to the clinic.

You do not need your own skis to participate.”

*Yup, this clinic is “below”.

Double yup, contact the Member Service Desk – where else would you go for a waxing clinic?

Man, Canada is a cool country, one where Estonians, Finns, Swedes, Danes, hell, anyone who likes slippery slopes can make free preparations for the best frolics that winter has to offer, and also, as a bonus be ready for the Rio Olympics this summer!.
SUUSA-SASS (talvel)
RIO-ROBERT (suvel)
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