Watching what we eat
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Bryon Wilfert, MP
Canada imports a wide variety of food products each and every year. Imported food allows Canadians across the country to sample a variety of exotic foods from around the world. As such, many of these foods find their way into Canadian households where they are enjoyed by millions of Canadians and their families.

Unfortunately, the majority of imported food entering Canada is untouched by federal inspectors. This is because those tasked with ensuring the safety of Canada’s food supply are not able to deal with the high volume of foreign food entering Canada on a daily basis. Food inspection in this country is conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). an entity of the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada’s ability to safeguard its citizens from the risks of both domestic and imported food is falling behind, and as a result, Canadians face greater health risks.

The Liberal Party of Canada hopes to overcome this issue by implementing Canada’s first comprehensive National Food Policy.

This food policy places emphasis on the fact that imported foods must meet our tough domestic standards to help minimize threats to food safety.

A Liberal government will undertake a comprehensive review of the CFIA to ensure Canada’s food safety system is effectively coordinated to minimize risks and assure Canadians that the food on their dinner tables is safe. We will also invest an additional $50 million over four years to improve food inspection by the CFIA and to ensure the same food safety standards set for Canadian producers are applied to foods imported into Canada.

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