Watching sommer sail in
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Like the sun, suvi (summer, sommer in Danish) should arrive from the east. In this case from the coast of Sweden in the distance, across the Öresund (Strait) to Denmark, where on this particular pre-midsommer or -suviharja, (summer solstice) day, children were already splashing about on the pebbled beach below.
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Next time you’re in Copenhagen, even on a layover on your way somewhere else (like Eesti), make it a day-long stop. Hop a train northbound – they leave from directly below the airport terminal – and chug the 35 beautiful kilometres to Humlebaek. This small coastal town is on the map thanks to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which has become legendary among art lovers due to its harmonious melding of architecture, nature and art. Perched above the sea, on the lands of a 19th century manor, the new buildings were built starting in the late 1950s and are prime examples of Scandinavian functionalism. Bring a picnic lunch (why not some canned herring and tiny bottles of sparkling wine?) alongside which to contemplate the daily, recurring arrival of summer from beyond this Alexander Calder mobile.

Why the LOUISIANA Museum for Moderne Kunst? The first owner of the property, Alexander Brun, named it for his three wives, who were all named Louise!
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