War of Independence memorial
Archived Articles 02 Mar 2006  EWR
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Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and Tallinn Mayor Jüri Ratas have discussed cooperation on a proposed memorial to the Estonian War of Independence memorial to be erected on Harju Hill.

Ratas suggested that the state could draft the statute for the monument, while further design competition and the actual arrangement of construction would be the responsibility of the city of Tallinn.

Ansip confirmed the Government’s wish to not delay the project, noting that it is the the duty of the state to erect a monument to the War of Independence, a project of truly national significance.

Ratas provided Ansip with the details of a plan to establish a green space on Harju Street, and expressed his hope that the state would transfer the plot it owns there to the city. After property is purchased from their private owners, Tallinn will be able to cover the ruins on Harju Street, left there since the Soviet bombings of March, 1944.
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