Veterans week in Canada
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How will you remember?

Bryon Wilfert MP, Richmond Hill

From November 5 to 11, Canadians across the country and around the world will commemorate and celebrate the sacrifices of veterans during Veterans’ Week 2010. During this week, hundreds of ceremonies and events will take place across the country to honour the sacrifices of our veterans and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Our veterans are ordinary men and women who performed extraordinary acts to protect our freedom and build a safer world in which to live. They have helped shape Canada’s future just as much as they have shaped its past and present.

Military missions in recent years have created an influx of new veterans as members of the Canadian Forces return home from large-scale international operations. There are many ways to display remembrance and respect to Canadian veterans, including:

► Pinning a poppy above the heart
► Attending a local Remembrance Day ceremony
► Making a poppy your profile picture on a social networking website
► Talking to a friend or relative who has returned home from deployment

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