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Vancouver’s Independence Day 2012
Eestlased Kanadas 23 Mar 2012 Michelle KangroEesti Elu
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Sunday, February 24th marked the 94th anniversary of Estonia’s Independence and members of our community met at Meie Kodu to commemorate that day.

Opening remarks and introductions were kindly made by Olev Rumm and Honorary Consul Harry Jaako. The occasion was marked with music, including a number of songs by the Vancouver Estonian Segakoor (mixed choir), conducted by Ms. Kaili Vesik. The lovely Leelo (women’s choir ensemble) also sang a handful of beautiful songs.

One notable highlight of the Aktus, was our honoured speaker, Mr. Marko Mihkelson. Mr. Mihkelson, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Riigikogu, took time to speak to Estonia’s role within the ever-changing international community. Touching on the trials Estonia has faced in the last century, he went further to underscore the unique challenges the country will face in the current global economic and political climate. Mr. Mihkelson spoke to the importance of improving Estonia’s visibility and competitiveness on the global stage, and the vital role our own communities will play in highlighting these strengths.

All in all, a fine Aktus, and an excellent opportunity to contemplate how our own community will move forward in the future.
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