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Archived Articles 25 Apr 2008 Eva VabasaluEWR
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On Saturday, April 19th the Keerutajad performed folksongs, folkdances and gave Kalevipoeg readings at the Estonian Community Centre, Meie Kodu, under the very capable direction of Veera Õunapuu whose creative talent and sharp wit defines her 89 years young. (Veera is presently director emeritus regarding our group and comes to our aid when there is a need for an imaginative, intricate programme.)

After the stage performance 75 high-spirited people headed to the downstairs hall for sandwiches and coffee, and were further richly entertained by singer Raimund Stamm and Thomas Vesik on the guitar.

The Keerutajad folksong and folkdance group meet faithfully every Monday night during the spring, fall and winter seasons and have done so for the past 17 years. There are approximately 20 members in our group ranging in age from 55 to 91. Enno Paat is our present leader, an extremely accomplished folkdance instructor whose directions are precise and easy to follow. Under his tutelage we have added several new dances to our repertoire. We are also very fortunate to have Tarmo Viitre, who on a weekly basis accompanies us on piano/keyboard.

If there are any repressed singers and/or dancers in the Metro Vancouver area, please come out 7:00 p.m. Mondays, team up with a most harmonious troupe and let us give you a taste of Esto-style Dancing with the Stars!
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