U.S. Strategy for Cyberspace
Eestlased Eestis 18 May 2011  EWR
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Embassy of the U.S. Tallinn, May 17, 2011
The White House announced May 16 the launch of the U.S. International Strategy for Cyberspace, a policy document for the 21st century that explains what the U.S. stands for internationally in cyberspace, and how it plans to build prosperity, enhance security, and safeguard openness in our networked world.

The International Strategy lays out President Obama's vision for the future of the Internet, and sets an agenda for partnering with other nations and peoples to achieve that vision. In the spirit of this cooperation, Ambassador Michael C. Polt met yesterday with Ene Ergma, President of the Riigikogu, to discuss, among other issues, the legislative framework of this new International Strategy.

With this interaction and the cooperation we enjoy with Estonia's Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCD COE), we look forward to working together with our Estonian allies in preserving the cyberspace we know and creating the future we seek.
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