U.S.- Europe Security and Foreign Policy
Eestlased Eestis 08 Nov 2010  EWR
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Embassy of the U.S., Tallinn
Ambassador Polt attended the 23rd Executive Defense Courses today and will speak on the topic of the "United States and Security in the World," joining other key speakers at the conference, such as Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, in exploring a full range of security and defense-related issues.

A portion of Ambassador Polt's comments will focus on the U.S.-Russia relationship and how the "reset" of relations between our two countries is proceeding. First and foremost in the minds of many these days is the upcoming NATO Summit in Lisbon, the USEU Summit, and the special summit of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC), at which many key issues of NATO-Russia relations will be discussed.
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