US Election Day at Toronto’s Massey College
Archived Articles 06 Nov 2008 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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"It doesn't matter who wins (the US presidential election), both have the right opinion of Russia," said Honorary Consul General of Estonia Laas Leivat the day before Americans went to the polls. That put my mind at rest so I could enjoy the election as a pure onlooker. The question was where. To go to any of the party "parties" would leave me in danger of being biased. The best was to follow the US Consul General John Nay, who is so balanced that he gives the word "diplomat" new meaning. That took me to Massey College, where there was to be a panel discussion on the election.

Massey College is the domain of Master John Fraser, former publisher of the daily newspaper Globe and Mail, Canada’s paper of record.

The discussion was held in the library and involved, along with Consul General Nay; the Honorable Barbara McDougall, former Minister of Foreign Affairs when Estonia regained independence; the moderator, the elegant Megan Harris, who had organized the event; and Globe and Mail writer Rick Salutin.

Consul General Nay spoke about the college of electors and dodged questions of political bias later.

McDougall spoke of the effect of women at the high levels of politics and the relationship of Canada in the new US politics.

Salutin pointed out some of the irregularities of US and Canadian politics.

After answering a question from (another) Globe and Mail writer Michael Valpy during the election returns I noted that I had not seen as many "Order of Canada" pins in one place. I almost felt naked without one.

I left the interesting discussion when it became evident that the outcome had been decided.
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