UPDATED INFO - August 23, 2009 MRP anniversary/ Baltic Way solidarity events in Washington, DC:
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---11:00 a.m. - Lithuanian Embassy opens doors (2622 16th St., NW)
---12:00 noon - Baltic Way Song Transmission at Lithuanian Embassy
---2:00 p.m. - DC Baltic Way links up on Mass Ave. bt. Estonian and Latvian Embassies
---2:30 p.m. - Georgian solidarity event at Georgian Embassy (2209 Mass Ave., NW)
---Mass. Ave. embassies are open until 4:00 p.m. with exhibits and information.

This year August 23 will mark the 70th year since the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (MRP) between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

That agreement between Stalin and Hitler doomed half of Europe to decades of misery under foreign tyranny.

On August 23, 1979, the Baltic Appeal was sent by 45 persons from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to demand the MRP’s and its secret protocols' public disclosure and annulment, and the restoration of the independence of the Baltic countries, then occupied by the Soviet Union. This was an important step on the road to back to freedom.

August 23 also marks the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Way, which united the nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania against Soviet oppression and occupation. On that day in 1989, over a quarter of the populations of the three Baltic countries joined hands for nearly 400 miles to demonstrate their love of freedom.

On Sunday, August 23, 2009 those events will be remembered in a half day commemoration and celebration in Washington, DC in which the Baltic Way will be recreated.

You are invited to join that day to remember, take part and link hands in the 2009 Baltic Way, and to show solidarity with our friends in Central and Eastern Europe, including those in the country of Georgia, who have suffered a year since the Russian invasion and occupation of their territories.

For more information on the 1989 Baltic Way, please see: http://www.balticway.net

For 2009 Baltic Way events in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: http://www.balticway.net/index...

For 2009 Baltic Way in DC event information, please contact JBANC at the address below or visit:


"Atmostas Baltija/Bunda jau Baltija/Ärgake Baltimaad"

Trīs māsas jūras malā stāv,
Tās nespēks un nogurums māc.
Tur bradāta zeme un dvēseles,
Trīs tautu gods un prāts.

Bet torņos jau likteņa zvani skan,
Un jūra bangoties sāk.
Trīs māsas no miega modušās,
Par sevi pastāvēt nāk.

Atmostas Baltija, atmostas Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Igaunija!

Prie jūros miega sesės trys
Jas slegia pančiai, neviltis
Klajoja lyg elgeta pajūriu
Dvasia tautų garbės

Bet varpas likimo nuaidi vėl
Ir jūra šiaušia bangas
Trys sesės iš miego kyla jau
Apginti savo garbės.

Bunda jau Baltija, bunda jau Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Estija!

Kolm õde mere palged ees,
neid uinutas lainete laul.
Kolm rahvast siin sajandeid heideldes
tõid ohvriks muistse au.

Kui tornides juba lööb kella hääl,
merd haarab vabaduspüüd.
Et saatust ja elu kaitseda,
kolm õde virguvad nüüd.

Ärgake Baltimaad, ärgake Baltimaad,
Leedumaa, Lätimaa, Eestimaa!

Atmostas Baltija, atmostas Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Igaunija!

Bunda jau Baltija, bunda jau Baltija,
Lietuva, Latvija, Estija!

Ärgake Baltimaad, ärgake Baltimaad,
Leedumaa, Lätimaa, Eestimaa!

Three sisters stand by the coast of sea
They are pressed by weakness and tiredness.
Their lands and spirits crushed,
And the honour and sense of three nations.

But in towers the bells of destiny toll,
And the sea starts to wave.
Three sisters wake up from sleep,
Come to stand for themselves.

The Baltics are waking up, the Baltics are waking up
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!

Three sisters sleep by the sea
They are pressed by the bond, desperation
Wandering like a beggar by the sea coast
The spirit of nations' honour

But the bell of the destiny rings again
And the sea tousles its waves
Three sisters wake from the sleep
To defend their honour.

The Baltics are waking up, the Baltics are waking up,
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!

Three sisters with faces of sea,
They were made sleepy by the song of waves.
Three nations fighting here for centuries
Sacrified ancient honour.

When the bells ring in towers,
The sea is taken by the will of freedom.
To protect the fate and life,
Three sisters wake now.

Wake up Baltic countries,
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!


Karl Altau

Managing Director

Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc.


Estonian American National Council, Inc.

American Latvian Association, Inc.

Lithuanian American Council, Inc.



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