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Update from the Toronto Estonian House Board
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We have had plenty of action at Esto House even during the summer holidays and laulupidu in Eesti. Among other activities, we hosted a particularly large contingent July 3-9. The Lions Clubs International Convention was held in Toronto this year, which involved Esto House facilities on 3 occasions. On July 7, we hosted over 600 delegates.

The Lions Clubs International Nordic division held its meeting and dinner on July 3 in the Grand Hall. About 250 members attended this event, and enjoyed delicious catering by Ülle Veltmann. Raivo Remmel represented Esto House and the Estonian community and gave a welcome address.

We invited the International Lions Club delegation from Estonia to acquaint themselves further with Esto House and our activities. We served lunch and showed them our facilities. Our guests were impressed with what they saw and with the range of activities that fill the calendar.

The regular monthly board meeting was held on July 21, at which we continued planning for committees drawn from the community to help to conduct the work involved in areas such as facilities maintenance. If you are willing to help, we would like to hear from you. Please write to: .

The new lease agreements for organizations using Esto House are nearing completion. We welcome your feedback on how best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Organization leaders are asked to contact Kristiina McConville ) to discuss their wishes. We will contact you if we don’t hear from you first.

We are now offering paid weekday parking for non-community members, and appreciate any advertising of this within your network of contacts, for example to out-of-town commuters. We also suggest that you think about the Esto community when planning your events and parties, and when making decisions on goods and services in general. Supporting each other will make our community stronger!

With great sadness we inform you that Avo Kittask’s mother, Mrs. Vaike Kittask, passed away on July 19. Consequently, the estore will have limited hours over the next weeks. We send our condolences to Avo, Madli and family.

A/S Eesti Maja Toronto Board of Directors

Lions Clubs International Convention at the Toronto Estonian House on July 7. Photo by: Tõnu Orav
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