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We have had two regular board meetings since our last article along with smaller committee meetings. There has been a lot of activity!

We have been discussing the substance of the lease agreements, which will take effect in January with our organizations. In addition to these meetings, we have participated in the activities of our organizations, such as the Toronto Estonian Society annual general meeting, Toronto Estonian Supplementary School annual general meeting, Estonia choir practice, Estonian Art Club in Toronto art exhibit, Toronto Estonian Credit Union on credit union day, the archive and the Soldiers in Finland meeting. We listened and discussed thoughts and concerns. Special thank you to Elle Rosenberg for her 19 years of work with us as Chair of the Estonian Schools, and best wishes to Linda Soolepp for great success as the incoming Chair.

We also hosted a big crowd during EstDocs, where we had two film screenings at once: one in the Grand hall for the general public, and one in the Crystal hall for the Estonian Schools. During intermission, the Estoboutique was available for shopping for Estonian treasures.

News from Estore
Estore is pleased to announce the addition of two hardworking young team members: Kati Kiilaspea and Kristina Soolepp. This enables us to be open longer to serve you better. We welcome you to shop and select gift items for your family and friends! We have the song festival DVD, and James and Maureen Tusty’s film: To Breathe as One. We are also featuring art and jewellery by local artists.

Starting in November, we will also be open on two evenings and Saturday mornings.
Estore hours will be:
Tuesdays 11:00-3:00 ja 6:30-9:00
Wednesdays 11:00-3:00
Thursdays 11:00-3:00 ja 5:30-7:30
Fridays 11:00-3:00
Saturdays 10:00-12:00
We can also serve you at other times by appointment. If you have any Estore related questions, please contact us at : 416-461-5799 (Estore) or 416-461-7963 (Estonian House office ), or by email: . You can also shop online at:

We wish Avo Kittask a very happy birthday as he celebrated an anniversary in October. We wish him all the best and much joy and happiness, and thank him for his continued work at Estonian House. Happy Birthday Avo!

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