Underwater Adventures and Other Summer Fun in Hungary
Arvamus 23 Jul 2010  EWR
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You could put it down to sunstroke, but, no, for Hungarians, credulous paranoia is a year-round affliction.
Balint Szlanko, Transitions Online

When it comes to Hungarians, bless them, the now-tiresome cliché has been that they are pessimistic, brooding, or cynical.

Incidentally, all of these are true, mixed with a weird and twisted view of the world that sees plots, subplots, and hidden motives everywhere. These are confusions typical of societies with a long history of autocracy and little openness. Distrust breeds only distrust.

Conspiracy theories of all kind have always had a wildly enthusiastic following here, from those pertaining to why America went to war in Iraq to how the other fellow has made his money to what’s “behind” the latest swing in the value of the forint.

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