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Ultima Thule is coming to Toronto!
Meelejahutus 15 Apr 2011  Eesti Elu
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Estonia’s legendary rock band, ULTIMA THULE will be performing on April 29th at the Estonian House in Toronto.

The band was founded in 1987 by Riho Sibul, and Tõnis Mägi was also part of the band at that time. You can hear Tõnis and Silvi Vrait at this years’ Seedrioru Suvihari. Raul Vaigla was also one of the original members.

Ultima Thule quickly gained recognition during the singing revolution, when they performed patriotic and meaningful songs that stirred the hearts of our re-emerging nation.

During the 1980’s and 90’s, Ultima was the most recognized and influential Rock bands in Estonia, and they incredibly still retain that stature to this day!
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In February 2011, at the Estonian music awards, Ultima Thule took home 3 prestigious awards – best artists, best rock band and album of the year for their recent release, Jälgede Jälgedes, which is available at the Estonian House store.

Ultima Thule has performed twice before in Toronto, but not since 1992. The lineup for the April cocert is Riho Sibul (vocals, guitar), Kalle Vilpuu (lead guitar), Raul Vaigla (bass guitar), Toomas Rull (drums), and Aare Põder (keyboards). They will be performing songs from their recent hit album along with an assortment of fan favorites from years gone by.

The concert on Friday, April 29th will also feature Burlington, Ontario’s own Dirt Dogs, who also have an Estonian connection – Allan Langvee on drums, and Heiki Tamm on keyboards.

Tickets are already on sale at the store in the Estonian House, and are going fast. It is not often that you can enjoy a legendary rock band from Estonia and even get to meet them. They will be happy to sign your CD’s.
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