Treaty of Lisbon’s fortune is decided this October
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Eugene Eteris, for BC from Copenhagen, 10.07.2009
Almost a year ago Irish people rejected by the referendum the Treaty making a decade’s process of preparation the longest in the Communities history. After certain guarantees given to Ireland at last month's EU summit the country is ready to pave the way to further European integration.

It has been officially confirmed that Ireland will vote for a second time on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty on October 2 (after the treaty was overwhelmingly rejected at a referendum last year). The Fianna Fáil-led government formally launched the campaign with publication of a white paper explaining the treaty, which aims to modernise the bloc's institutions and give the EU a more effective world role with the appointment of a full-time president, fully fledged EU diplomatic service and more efficient decision-making.

Ireland secured agreement from fellow member states at last month's EU summit on “legally binding” guarantees to ensure Irish control over tax rates, military neutrality and the Irish constitution’s provisions on social and family law – including the right to life. The summit also agreed that the guarantees would be incorporated as a protocol in the future Lisbon Treaty, as happened with other member states’ reservations, e.g. the Danish opt-out in 1992 over Maastricht rules on monetary union.

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