Tourism in Estonia down
Archived Articles 10 Sep 2009  EWR
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Statistics Estonia

In July 317,000 tourists stayed in various accommodation establishments in Estonia, which was 9% less than at the same time in the previous year.

In spite of the big cultural event taking place in Estonia at the beginning of July, Song and Dance Celebrations, which enlivened domestic tourism and brought many tourists from neighbouring and faraway countries to Estonia, 22% less domestic tourists and 2% less foreign tourists stayed in accommodation establishments. In July 100,000 domestic tourists and 217,000 foreign tourists used the services of accommodation establishments. In accommodation establishments of Tallinn, where almost half of all accommodated tourists stayed, in July the number of tourists stayed on the level of the previous year. In Lääne and Põlva counties the number of tourists in accommodation establishments slightly increased, in other counties decreased.

More, including regional breakdowns can be found here: )
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