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Every time I ask one of my non-Estonian friends to come with me to EstDocs, Toronto’s Estonian documentary film festival, they look at me blankly. “Really,” they say, almost without fail. “An Estonian documentary film festival.”

It’s like I have asked them to have lunch with me on the planet Zoltan, to which we will be traveling on our personal spacecraft. People are amazed that there can be such an event. How can there be enough films in or about a tiny country like Estonia to have an entire film festival?

Well, there are and there is.

In fact, EstDocs is the largest annual Estonian cultural event outside Estonia, the festival’s director, Kristi Sau Doughty, explained.

This year was the tenth anniversary of EstDocs. The venues were packed with eager filmgoers and many events were sold out. In 2005, 250 people came to the festival and in 2014, the numbers swelled to 1,450 as more people took in a wide array of films from Oct. 16 – 21.
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