Toronto Estonia 3 – Toronto Latvia 2 (SO)
Archived Articles 04 Apr 2008  EWR
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The University of Toronto’s Varsity Arena was the setting on Saturday, March 29th when the Toronto Estonian men’s hockey team took to the ice against Toronto Latvia in a qualifying match for the North American Baltic Cup championship game. The game was also a fundraiser for the Toronto Eesti Koolikoor as well as the Latvian children’s camp, Sidrabene. Admission and donations will go towards supporting the Toronto Estonian Society School Choir’s trip to the Song and Dance Festival in Estonia, summer of 2009.

With just over one hundred spectators in the stands the players took to the ice in what was bound to be a tight game. The Latvians opened up the scoring early in the first period having caught the Estonian defence off guard. Not easily discouraged the Estonians skated back up ice, with Adam Migur scoring with a wrist shot from the point.

The teams exchanged goals in the second and third period with the Latvians again taking the lead and then Markus Rosenberg scoring for the Estonians to force overtime, which would solve nothing. To break the deadlocked score a shoot-out was required. The Estonian shooters were Mihkel Põldma, Alex Kaju, who was the only player to score in the shoot-out, and Adam Migur. Thanks to the outstanding goaltending of Tyler Vellend the Estonians were able to steal the extra point and win the game 3-2!!

The next game for the Toronto Estonians is against the Toronto “Klevo Lapai” Lithuanians on Friday, April 4th at 7:15pm. The game will be played at Iceland Arena (705 Matheson Blvd. E). So come out and support your boys in blue, black and white! With a win against the Lithuanians, Toronto Estonia will advance to the North American Baltic Cup championship game on Sunday, April 13th!

The players would like to thank the sponsors National Estonian Foundation of Canada, the Toronto Estonian Credit Union, and their fans for the continued support.
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