Toronto Balts mark deportation anniversary without Estonians (10)
Eesti kirikud 16 Jun 2016  EWR
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For decades the Toronto Baltic community has, with a united ecumenical service marked in either an Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian church the anniversary of the June 14 1941 deportation of their people to Siberia by the Soviets. Tens of thousands were taken in the middle of the night, - seniors, women and children, loaded into cattle cars and set off on a long journey from which few returned.

This year, as has been the case for some time, the ecumenical service was held on June 14 in the Lithuanian Church of the Resurrection. Without official Estonian participation. Only Latvians and Lithuanians had their clerics carry out the service. Many in the united congregation did not comprehend why Estonians were not represented, as traditionally they have also hosted and participated for decades.
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