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Toronto Autoshow 2012
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The official name is Canadian International Autoshow and the changes are subtle but obvious on the electric automobiles. This year they had an Ontario Eco section as well which proved to be fascinating.

While the federal government exhibit did not give prices, the province did and the numbers were interesting. "The driving range of the electric cars keep going up eight percent every year," said the owner of the Tesla two-seater (electric) sports car which has a 250 kilometer range and a $100,000 price tag.

"The Tesla S electric sedan, is scheduled to go on sale sometime this year, will cost about half of the two-seater and have four doors," added the owner. The Tesla X, a pure electric crossover will be available at the end of 2013, have all wheel drive, accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr 4.4 seconds (faster than a Porche 911 Carrera).

The Nissan Leaf, still a small car, costs $40,000, but you get a $8,500 rebate because you were ecologically good and that gives 160 kilometers per charge. The I-MIEV Mitsubishi costs $36,000 less $8,500 rebate but only 100 km per charge. A Mercedes Smart Car, which costs about the same as does the I-MIEV. The commercial vehicle of the lot is the Ford Transit Connect with a range of 90 to 110 km per charge, $75,000 cost.

The other feature was the selection of electrical charging stations, which save one from charging the car battery with the house voltage which takes 13 hours. By installing a high power charging station for, $1,000 and up, one will reduce the time to three and a half hours.

Besides the volt masters were other things like $385 refresher course on driving which takes a day or weekend run by ILR Car Control School Inc., Mount Albert, ON.

Everything from the lowest cost to the most expensive was on display. It’s the best way to shop because the price is on the window.
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