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In Memoriam 18 Oct 2009  EWR
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Meie hulgast on lahkunud advokaat Tõnu Toome .
14. detsember 1949 - 17. oktoober 2009.
Hüvastijätt Toronto Vana-Andrese kirikus (383 Jarvis St) reedel, 23. oktoobril s.a. kell 10.00. Matusetalitus samas kell 11.00.
Peied Toronto Eesti Majas.

Tõnu was born on december 14th 1949 in Toronto to parents Linda and Heino recently arrived from Estonia via Sweden. His first years were spent living on Curson St, where he was sooned joined by a younger sister Tiina. The family, needing more space moved to Savona Drive where the family was joined by brother Peeter. Tõnu’s younger years were spent doing activities ranging from Estonian School, folk dancing, and Kalev scouting. Summers were spent at the family property near Orangeville, where days were spent working in the woods and enjoying nature. In his High school years, attending Alderwood Collegiate, Tõnu was active in sports, especially enjoying basketball. After graduating High School, Tõnu set his sights on further education attending University of Toronto majoring in Industrial Engineering. While pursuing this degree, he soon realized that his interests lay elsewhere, and after graduation, enrolled in the Law program at Osgoode Hall. During his articling year on June 14th, 1975, Tõnu and Mai-Liis were married. They soon realized that they needed a place of their own, and moved into a house on Belsize Drive. A few years after being called to the Bar, he decided to open his own practice. In 1980, that same year, they had their first child Mihkel. Soon after they were joined by daughter Kaili, and looking forward, made the move to a bigger house, on Woodside Ave. They were soon joined by daughter Karina, and Woodside has been home since.

His activities throughout his life have been varied but still pointing to the dual goals of his family, and Estonian Culture with the first of these always being the most important. Throughout his families life together they spent most of their summer months up at Collingwood, with Mai-Liis’ family but having outgrown the small blue cottage, They decided to buy a cottage of their on the same street in 1996 which has since become a second home. In the years that passed, the “yellow” cottage, became the hub for all activities, at first organized by Tõnu, and subsequently the children, with Tõnu enjoying being part of all the action. In the winter, Collingwood was always a welcome destination for the family as well, when they discovered their love for skiing, joining Georgian Peaks in 1988. The family was always eager for adventure, taking enjoyable family vacations to the Caribbean, driving trips through the States, and Canada, many skiing trips outside of Ontario, and repeated trips to Europe, particularly Eesti.

Tõnu had many interests tied to Estonian Culture. He was an active member of Korp Vironia, with, son Mihkel following in his steps. His love for music was reflected in his active participation in the Men’s Choir. Above all of these, he was active in his support for all activities involving the Estonian Community. He was always the first to sponsor any worthwhile activity through either financial donation, buying ad space, or spreading word throughout his vast network of associates. He was always very active, being on numerous boards throughout the years including, Eesti Maja, Tartu College, and Vana Andres’e kirik. As a lawyer, he strived to further Estonian interests through his work by representing individuals and organizations whose objectives were to support the Estonian Community.

Throughout all of this, Tõnu’s passion for life and love for his family was apparent to all. The theme of his life was always enjoying what life had to offer, and taking pleasure in the happiness of his family. He lived every emotion of his children and I think we can truly say that he is happy with what he has left behind.
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