To all present and future College/University Students/Interns of Estonian ancestry!
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Announcing the formation of a new Estonian College/University Student/Intern Club in the New York Metro area (NYC, NJ, etc.)!

The main purpose of this club will be to help Esto college/university students/interns. Dissemination of information, advice, networking and creating new friendships are just a few of the aims be covered. Other purposes will naturally develop in accordance with future needs.

First and foremost, this new club is being established as a support system for college/university students/interns who want advice and knowledge on how to maximize their opportunities in the New York Metro area and the chance to create memories with other young people with similar interests.

The club's larger gatherings will occur once per calendar quarter and their content will be based on the wishes of the club's membership and available free time! If you are interested in such a club, please let us know! Fill out the attached questionnaire and e-mail it back to us at

The first informal gathering of this new group will be at the NY Estonian House's Hooaja lõpupidu (End of Activity Year Party) at 8 pm on June 8th 2007! To register for this party, please contact us!

If you've ever felt that you needed advice from someone re: how the system works as well as life in the NYC Metro area in general, then this club is the ideal place to exchange knowledge, information re: events and contacts that will help you to hopefully overcome all obstacles!

All questions, new ideas and offers of help are always welcome!

Wishing you sunshine in all your endeavors!

Gerda & Merike
NYC Estonian Youth leadership
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