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Vancouver based feature film producer Tina Pehme's film "Partition", a romance drama of forbidden love in India, opens on February 2, 2007, in theatres across Canada.
Pehme, whose father is Estonian and mother is Norwegian and has three children, is releasing a feature film which she co-produced with her partner, Kim Roberts. Since 1994 she has produced four films, before that she was a production co-ordinator.
The story is about a love affair between a 38 year-old Sikh man and a 17 year-old Muslim woman in a village near the India/Pakistan border during the late forties when the sub continent received its independence from Britain.
"Partition" is the division of land and civilities between India and Pakistan which is the background of this romance. There is also an English lady played by Canadian actor Neve Campbell.
"We started this project in 1994, have gone through several attempted financings until we finally completed it. It seemed like its time (of the film) had come," said Pehme.
Pehme met the director/screenwriter/director of photography Vic Sarin on a film shoot in India and was told the story which was in the same vein that was told to him by his father. Sarin, who is a well known Canadian filmmaker, joined Pehme and Roberts, in 1994, in forming Sepia Films.
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