Think about coming home: Ilves
Archived Articles 26 Sep 2007  EWR
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“Thank you for keeping Estonian values alive here, but also be aware that Estonia has progressed and is waiting for you,” said President Ilves this week at the reception organized by the New York Estonian Educational Society at the New York Estonian House.

“Estonia is no longer a poor country. It has grown vigorously and I encourage you to come to Estonia and see all this,” said Ilves. “We have arrived at the point, where the people here could start thinking—maybe my income in the United States is a bit higher than in Estonia, but in Estonia it is possible to teach my children Estonian, to eat Estonian bread, and live an Estonian life.”

Ilves, in New York to address the UN, urged compatriots to “think about the possibility of coming back to Estonia. We need every Estonian.”

Internet comments to this news posted from abroad include the opinion that Estonia is a nice place to visit, but that Estonian society needs to become politer to strangers, health care to improve and the service sector to treat customers with respect and civility before older Estonians take the president up on the challenge.
(Ref. EPPRO)
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