The Wings and Wheels show at Downsview Park this weekend
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The fourth annual Wings and Wheels show at the Canadian Air and Space Museum at 65 Carl Hall Road (at Downsview Park) will be held on May 22-24. It will display aircraft, both flying and static that have flown in or are on permanent display at the Canadian Air and Space Museum.

The aircrafts that will fly in are among others the Air Force F-18 jet fighter and the WW II Harvard trainer piloted by Canadian Astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason.

The static displays include the Avro Arrow that was Canada's pride and joy in the sixties, the T-33 jet trainer that served for over fifty years, a Lancaster WW II bomber under construction and many more aircraft.

One can go flying in a Harvard and a helicopter for an extra cost. Admission is $15/person, $10/senior or teen. $25 person for all three days and $15 per senior and teen for all three days.
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