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The West Coast Estonian Days started with enthusiasm
Eestlased Kanadas 18 Aug 2011 A.P.Eesti Elu
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The first event on the opening day was a congress of Estonian American Organizations, sponsored by the Estonian American National Coucil, moderated by Gilda Karu. After the greetings of the EANC president Marju Rink Abel, His Excellency Vaino Reinart, Estonian Ambassador to the united States, gave an overview of the result of Estiona diplomatic efforts. He said that Estonia is presently more secure than it has ever been as the reslut of various agreements and assoiation with the westeren world. He stated the he will be leaving his post at the end of August to return to Estonia.

Among the various presentations that followed, Sirje Urko, president, board of Directors, The Nordic Press, Inc. gave a rather sobering view of the prospect of a long term continuation of publishing Vaba Eesti Sona in the present form. Various reasons were stated such as competing forms of communitaions and also the aging of the Estonion community in the US. There are ways of contiuing, if the viable methods communication are explored. It was mentioned that if communication was only electronic, our history will be lost.

Much ancicipated was the presentation from Ingrdid Echter, President of the San Francisco Estonian Association. She announced that the next West Coast Estonian Days will take place in San Francisco on June 28-July1 2013.

While XXXI LEP is celebrating it's 60th anniversary in it's birthplace SF, it
welcomes the ending ceremony of the final ESTO XI, where the Estonians from
around the world can come together and give their thanks and appreciation to
this wonderful historical event that accomplished it's goals.

The SF Eesti Selts invites everyone from around the world to help in organizing
this event and welcomes anyone's help big or small. More information can be
found on

She mentionsed that she is seeking in connection to that sugestions, cooperation and collaboration. These may be communicated my email , or by mail 255 King Street, 1609, San Francisco, CA 94107.
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