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The US Baltic Foundation and Baltic American Freedom League Announce Affiliation
Archived Articles 01 May 2009  Eesti Elu
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WASHINGTON, DC – Maria Kivisild Ogrydziak, Chairman of The U.S.-Baltic Foundation (USBF) and Vija A. Turjanis and Alnis Briedis, co- Presidents of the Baltic American Freedom League (BAFL) announced a formal affiliation between the two pan- Baltic organizations. The affiliation brings together two of the longest operating and most respected U.S. based non-governmental organizations that promote stronger relations between the United States and the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Under the affiliation, both the USBF and the BAFL will retain their current governing boards and financial independence. The agreement will allow both the Washington based USBF and Los Angeles based BAFL to expand their respective presence around the United States. USBF and BAFL will work together by co-sponsoring events and forums to educate the American public about relevant issues affecting U.S.-Baltic relations.

“This agreement demonstrates the presence of a strong and unified community in the United States that actively seeks to promote stronger relations between the United States and the Baltics. By working closer together, our two organizations can complement each other and expand our mission and our reach in this crucial endeavor,” said Ms. Ogrydziak and Ms. Turjanis in a joint statement.

The U.S.- Baltic Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to develop and strengthen ties between the people of the United States and the Baltic countries- Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Foundation's programs emphasize the trans-Atlantic movement of people, ideas and resources address cultural, economic, educational and political development needs in the three Baltic countries. USBF stresses collaboration with embassies and related organizations to leverage resources, reach, and impact.

The Baltic American Freedom League was founded in 1981 as a national organization to support the Baltic peoples' struggle to regain their freedom and independence from Soviet occupation. BAFL's programs today are designed to assist the continued development of democracy and market economies in the Baltic countries, to assure the continued security of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from outside aggression, to increase awareness of Baltic history and culture and to promote strong, friendly and effective bilateral relations and policies between the United States and the Baltic countries.
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