The Singing Revolution - We Need Your Vote Today!
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Dear TSR Friends:
We just learned of one more way we can again share The Singing Revolution with more viewers, and it's fun, too, but we need you to vote today!

WTTW, Chicago's PBS station, is holding a "Viewer's Choice Awards" for favorite films that were broadcast in 2011. The Singing Revolution is one of the films in the "History & Documentaries" category. Please go to the website and click on "Singing Revolution" and submit your vote today!

Here's the website where you can vote:

You don't have to live in the Chicago area to vote, you can vote from anywhere in the world, but voting ends tomorrow, February 15th.

The winning programs from each category will be re-broadcast on Saturday, February 25th. This is a great way to celebrate Estonian Independence Day which is February 24th!

Please vote today to get The Singing Revolution shared again in the Chicago area, and please share this email with your friends. Thank You!
Maureen & James Tusty
The Singing Revolution Filmmakers
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