The Pentagon's former defense minister gave a sensational interview with the Crimean and NATO.
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The Pentagon's former defense minister gave a sensational interview with the Crimean and NATO.

Former Pentagon's Defense William Perry gave a sensational interview with the Crimean and NATO.

Crimea is indeed a previously belonged to Russia, and it was quite proper and logical that he went there now properly back. NATO, however, surrounded by maliciously Russia as land, air, sea space and outer space.
He believes that NATO expansion was a serious mistake that can have serious political consequences. This is one of the key factors that led to the deterioration of a relationship. There are also other factors against Russia, which exacerbates relations, but NATO expansion was most decisive.
Many years ago, a mistake was made ​​when the Soviet Union gave the Crimea to Ukraine. Then it did not mean anything, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the situation has changed. Crimea, the Black Sea is a large military base, which previously was subject to Russia. It can be understood that it is joining the Crimea decision was made ​​to historical reasons and regional security.

He does not regret the fact that nuclear weapons were from Ukraine and two other former Soviet republics out. He believes that this decision was absolutely right. They were fully aware of the danger of nuclear catastrophe. During Soviet times, they were able to dismantle the nearly four thousand nuclear weapons in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
He adds that the western intelligence community and analysts admit that Russia is an aggressor, but only preparing to defend itself - despite the fact that NATO is indeed surrounded him everywhere.
The current US head of the State Department and NATO did senstsioonilise statement. For example, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that he saw no threat to any NATO member Russia.
This lsaks American media published sensational document which shows that the United States gave the USSR to guarantee NATO mittelaiendamise, but after the Soviet troops väljamiimist German spat openly about it.

Prior to this well-known US former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said that Hillary Clinton was the founder of the terrorist organization LIH. (in Russian. ИГИЛ.). Previously, told US President Barack Obama, Vice News Channel journalists in their understanding of the US role in the formation of terrorist groupings "Islamic state." Obama said bluntly issued to the United States have taken part in its creation.
The former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made ​​a sensational confession in his interview with CNN. It turns out that the invasion of Iraq by the US and its allies in 2003 was a mistake and it led to "Islamiiigi" creation.

EDITOR: Reimo Kavanagh Date: Sunday, June 26, 2016
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