The National Estonian Foundation of Canada says “Thank you!” to all its donors
Archived Articles 07 Mar 2008  EWR
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The National Estonian Foundation of Canada (NEFC) gratefully acknowledges the support of those who have made contributions that have benefited numerous community programs and events. These donations provide critical support for all our activities.

The NEFC works together with numerous organizations, including the T.E.S. Supplementary Schools and the T.E.S. Kindergarten, the Estonian War Veterans League in Canada, Association Estonienne de Bienfaisance pour les Jeunes, the Montreal Society, Esto Link, Jõekääru and Seedrioru children’s summer camps, Tartu Institute, Estonian Central Council in Canada, Estonian Canadian Historical Commission, Estonian Ethnographic Society, Estonian Central Archives in Canada, and the Estonian Singers’ Federation in North America.

In 2007, the NEFC organized major community events such as: the Youth Spring Talent Concert, live-taping of the “Laulge Kaasa” Estonian television show from Toronto and the “Karavan” Concert & Dance. The NEFC supported the “Guitar-Est” Concert, Seedrioru’s Suvihari weekend, the inaugural JK Jazz Festival, the gala screening of “The Singing Revolution” at the estdocs film festival in Toronto and numerous other events.

To see a listing of the names of those who have contributed to the National Estonian Foundation of Canada, please turn to the Estonian language section of this issue of the Estonian Life.

[i]For more information about making a difference in the community by supporting the National Estonian Foundation of Canada through donations and/or planned giving, please contact the NEFC at 416-465-5600 or or visit .
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