The government approved the goals for the Spanish Presidency of the European Union
Eestlased Eestis 14 Jan 2010  EWR
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Tartu, 14 January 2010 – At today’s session, the Government of the Republic approved the goals in the European Union during the Spanish Presidency in the first half of 2010. In total, the government formulated 5 subjects that are important for Estonia.

The main goal of Estonia in 2010 is joining the Eurozone. In the first half-year, a positive evaluation is expected from the European Commission and the European Central Bank in regards to Estonia’s readiness to adopt the Euro, and the approval of a relevant recommendation by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union and the European Council. Estonia will continue domestic work for achieving readiness for the Euro, as well as the active introduction and reasoning behind its readiness for the Euro.

Secondly, Estonia is interested in the fast proceeding of the legislation related to the establishment of the European Union IT agency in the field of justice and internal affairs. Estonia is running as a candidate to be the home country of the IT agency, which is why fast progress in the process for the selection of the location for the agency is also expected.

The third priority is related to the long-term plan for increasing competitiveness. “European Union 2020“ or the follow-up strategy of the Lisbon Strategy should, in Estonia’s opinion, continuously focus on the achievement of greater economic growth and a higher employment rate, considering the increased need to decrease the burden of the economy on the natural environment.

The purpose of the Baltic Sea Strategy is to promote the balanced development of the Baltic Sea region. Through this, Estonia wants to increase the competitiveness of its region and the entire European Union and create additional means for overcoming the economic crisis. Estonia wishes for the implementation of an as smooth as possible strategy for individual projects.

Another goal of Estonia during the Spanish Presidency is the development of the East Partnership. The idea of the East Partnership is to support democracy and economic development in the eastern neighbouring countries of the European Union, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Estonia contributes to the signing of various contracts between the European Union and the East Partnership countries. Estonia also supports activities that are aimed at fostering closer mutual economic integration, the promotion of visa-free travel questions and substantial cooperation in energy and transport issues.

At the beginning of every Presidency of the European Union, the government confirms its goals for the Presidency and prepares a summary of the Presidency that just ended. The specific goals help to aim the activities of the government related to the European Union, formulating the interests of Estonia in these important issues, to which the ministers and officials representing Estonia must pay more attention during the Presidency. The goals of Estonia during the Presidency proceed from the Estonian government’s European Union Policy for 2007-2001, approved on 25 October 2007.

Spain has pointed out the full implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, economic recovery and the approval of the strategy “EU 2020“, the strengthening of the role of the European Union on the international arena and the promotion of European civil rights and liberties as the major subjects of its Presidency.

The goals of the government in the European Union are available on the European Union website of the State Chancellery.

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