The gain with Spain
Arvamus 11 Jan 2010  EWR
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Peter S. Rashish, European Voice

Could Spain again usher in a new period of enhanced EU-US co-operation?

Mark Twain, the author of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, is credited with having said “history may not repeat itself, but it rhymes a lot”. Twain's aphorism has particular resonance now, with Spain occupying the EU's rotating presidency, for it was 15 years ago, during an earlier Spanish EU presidency, that the US and the EU signed the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA), the most ambitious programme for US-European co-operation to date.

Mirroring its stance in 1995, the Spanish government has announced that transatlantic relations will be a key focus of its six months at the helm, including an updating of the NTA. The US and the EU should be circumspect, however, about how much they want to make 2010 sound like 1995.

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