The Fog of Cyberwar
Archived Articles 18 Apr 2009  EWR
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NATO military strategists are waking up to the threat from online attacks.
Evgeny Morozov | NEWSWEEK

(Published Apr 18, 2009, From the magazine issue dated Apr 27, 2009)

Ghostnet sounds like something John le Carré would invent. This vast cyber-espionage operation spanned 1,295 computers worldwide, a third of them located in ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, international organizations and news media, some holding classified data…
…the potential for small bands of hackers to launch devastating attacks on the world economy is growing. To counter such threats, a group of NATO members, including the U.S. and Germany, last year established a kind of internal cybersecurity think tank, based in a former government building in Tallinn, Estonia.

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