The Eurocratic assault on democracy
Arvamus 11 Feb 2012  EWR
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In the eyes of the EU elite, the greatest impediment to ‘the European project’ is the continued existence of the pesky electorate.

Bruno Waterfield, Spiked
The European Union is currently straining every sinew in a campaign to stifle outbreaks of politics across Europe.

For the EU oligarchs, democracy sucks. What if the Greeks - voting in elections this April - decide to tear up an austerity programme painstakingly hammered out by their betters in the EU and the IMF? Imagine - and the memory of all those lost referendums still smarts among Eurocrats - if a country should decide it has had enough of the economic mismanagement and diktat that has characterised the Eurozone’s handling of the economic crisis.

A spectre is indeed haunting the corridors of Brussels offices and it is real: a well-founded fear that voters will reject the ‘fiscal compacts’, ‘debt brakes’ and ‘golden rules’ aimed at securing the EU’s reign in de facto perpetuity.

Speaking after an EU summit last week, German chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that the new fiskalpakt for the Eurozone is aimed at making all Euro members enshrine austerity targets in their constitutions beyond the reach of popular votes. ‘The debt brakes will be binding and valid forever. Never will you be able to change them through a parliamentary majority’, she said.

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