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The Estonian National Opera Boys ’ Choir is coming to Toronto! Estonian Life (10)
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The Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir will soon be in Toronto to celebrate our beloved maestro Roman Toi’s 100th birthday. Their visit will be full of concerts and activities that we encourage all to take part in.
Friday June 17 at 11 am - The Estonian Studies Centre presents a Symposium on Roman Toi’s life at Tartu College. Symposium speakers include Hirvo Surva, Andres Raudsepp, Triinu Ojamaa and Jean McKen. (
Friday, June 17th at 7:00 pm - The Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir will present a special concert at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls'is ( Tickets are now available through the Mount Carmel Gift Shop at 905-356-0047. This beautiful venue has limited seating so be sure to reserve now.
Sunday, June 19 at 1:30 pm - Concert church service to celebrate Roman Toi’s 100th birthday at St. Peter’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Special guest performers are the Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir directed by Hirvo Surva and organist Ene Salumäe. There will be a reception in the church hall following the concert to which everyone is invited.
Tuesday, June 21 at 7:30 pm - The Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir gala concert at Toronto’s premier concert venue Koerner Hall. The program will feature Estonian composers including Pärt, Tormis, Sisask, Tobias, Uusberg, and others. Tickets are available now at the Koerner Hall Box Office ( or 416-408-0208). Tickets can also be purchased at Tartu College and the Estonian Credit Union.
In addition on Saturday, June 18 the Boys’ Choir takes part in the Regent Park School of Music Party in the Park! festivities ( On the morning of Tuesday, June 21, the Boys' Choir will sing for Ehatare residents. On Wednesday, June 22 the Boys’ Choir will spend a day at the Estonian summer camp Seedrioru. A campfire full of singing is planned for the evening.
We are still looking for assistance in providing accommodations for the Boys’ Choir members. We are seeking billeters who can take in one or two members of the Boys’ Choir (ages 10 – 27) during their stay in Toronto from June 16 – 22. If you are able to provide accommodation, please contact Silvi Verder at .
We look forward to an exciting week with the Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir celebrating the extradordinary life of Roman Toi, our laulutaat (grandfather of song)!
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